Demand Generation
How to convert Contacts into Prospects

“B2B customers are not ready to talk to Sales before gathering 60% of the information.“
Harvard Business Review
The greatest challenge for a Demand Generation Strategy is to get to know each new contact; understand what they need, and be able to provide them with the right product or content at the right time.

Companies are successful many times in motivating and generating an interest in prospects, but they are weak when it comes to having an effective first contact. This reduces the chances of engaging in a personal dialogue with that contact and closing a sale.

At Pranalog we help you to integrate the latest technology to find new prospects for your business and take your one on one relationship with them a step further, to a deeper level.

Multichannel Communication

Lead Management:
How to qualify your prospects

“Marketers seeking for a strategic role, must change their mindset from lead generation to a management of revenue generating process.”
Lead Management is the set of tools and applications which are used to manage the flow of leads through the Sales funnel; starting from lead generation and ending when the prospect turns into a customer.

Marketing can generate sales opportunities, but often fails when closing the deal. The reason behind this is an existing gap between the Marketing and Sales teams: Marketing provides Sales teams with leads that are not yet ready for a purchase decision. Aditionally, Sales teams ignore leads that are not ready, resulting in a loose in future opportunities. This is a waste of company resources and business opportunities.

At Pranalog we use Campaign Automation to increase your conversion rate and maximize your return. Through Conversational Marketing and process automation, we help you qualify your prospects to identify which ones are ready and mature enough to be contacted by the Sales team.

Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Management:
Lear how to engage and connect with the digital consumer

“One of the biggest challenges faced by companies today, is how to improve customers' online and multichannel experience. ”
The digital consumer expects to acquire the information he needs at the right time and through his channel of choice. His experience with your brand will be defined by the total satisfaction he's had with every interaction with your company. Customer Experience Management is about managing and influencing customers' experience.

The digital consumer has become more and more connected to the world through his PC, Tablet or Smartphone. He does not rely on conventional communication, nor personal interactions. He researches, finds out and defines his buying decision, sometimes even before the product is even launched.

With the use of technology we help you trace your customers buying experience to identify and maximize those interactions that will have a positive impact on your business.

Behavioral Marketing

Digital Marketing:
How to generate and manage your digital assets

“A company obsessed with it's customers will focus it's strategy, resources and budget on those processes that provide insight on the customer, and use that knowledge to generate higher customer engagement.”
The Brand has a growing number of channels and tools available to influence a customers' buying experience, or Customer Journey. A Digital Marketing Strategy enables marketers to asign a more adecuate role to all the digital assets of the company.

In order to obtain the expected response from a customer, companies need to create and have the ability to offer valuable content through all it's channels. This enables the companies to attract and acquire new prospects and clients, understand their needs and expectations, and generate a profound relationship with each of them.

At Pranalog we help you develop, integrate and maximize your digital assets so you can get to know better your target audience, identify their interests and generate personalized dialogues to achieve your business goals.

Content Marketing

Marketing Intelligence:
How to measure and optimize processes

“One of marketings' main concerns is how to convert customer data into action-generating insights.”
To improve marketing decisions, companies face the challenge of analyzing the increasing amount of data gathered through the different digital channels. This process is known as Marketing Intelligence.

Many marketing actions are difficult to measure or have an unknown result for the company. We believe that the best communication channel is the one chosen by the customer. All of our solutions are designed to obtain relevant metrics that provide understanding and increase efficiency of your current and future campaigns.

At Pranalog we analyze each individuals navigation behavior; we know who he is, and what contents he has shown interest in. We combine this data with sources such as Social, Email, Telemarketing and CRM to achieve insight on each individual and maximize his experience with your brand.


Database Management:
How to keep your database clean and updated

“The world is evolving with the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data and other powerful sources. By combining these new technologies, everything can be connected and analyzed in new ways.”
Marc Benioff
Having a unified vision of each one of our customers and prospects gives us a better chance of making our business grow.

One of the greatest challenges for companies is to have adequate technological infrastructure to dispose of isolated data clusters, and translate all the information available into relevant analytics that will boost the business growth.

At Pranalog we understand the database as a web that links and relates all the Marketing Actions. It is used to have a full insight on your business and to generate a stronger, relevant and personalized Marketing with each of your customers. We help you build a high quality database and develop a plan to use your data to personalize emails, websites, web forms and mobile apps.

Email Marketing