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How to convert Contacts into Prospects

“79% of Marketing generated leads do not recive a follow-up from Sales. Of the pending 21%, 70% is ignored because it is considered non-qualified. This means that less than 10% recive the follow-up they deserve. ”
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How to qualify your prospects

“72% of the times, the reason why a purchase decision is done today is because it satisfies the specific need at the exact right time”
Forrester Marketing Forum
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Lear how to engage and connect with the digital consumer

“In 2013, 80% of a consumers purchasing decision will be defined through digital channels. ”
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How to generate and manage your digital assets

“92% of Facebook users trust recommendations from friends and family, and only 47% trust TV, Radio or Newspapers. ”

How to measure and optimize processes

“Marketing continues to use metrics to show results and prove their Budget. But few have enough data and analytics to analyze buying patterns and understand customers' behavior and life cycle.”
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How to keep your database clean and updated

“Over 70% of the companies data is incomplete or outdated. A few of them are reliable.”