We believe in one on one dialogue between the company and the customer

We help Marketing and Sales integrate new technologies enabling them to establish personalized dialogues with each customer and prospect improving the buying experience, deepening relationships and achieving business goals.

We are a Marketing Automation company.
We are aware that these are not widespread technologies, so we've taken on the challenge of promoting these solutions.
We integrate Marketing and Technology to give your customer a unique and enriching experience.
Changes are not always complex and costly. Many times, just by making small adjustments on the current digital assets you achieve a unique and long lasting effect on the relationship with your customers generating the expected business results.

Our team

We are a young, diverse, multi-disciplinary and highly talented team. Each of us has a set of unique skills, background and experience that allows us to evaluate and solve business needs with innovative solutions.

Shon Shabari

Content Creator and SEO specialist  

Lucía Moroni

Co-Founder Marketing Director

Lisandro Vaccaro

Leader Digital Projects

Agustina Di Naro

Graphic Designer

Francisco Brignone

Leader Demand Generation
We have a local network of Business Partners with whom we collaborate to offer our customers the best solutions for:

Tiago Amaral

General Director
“Working with Pranalog we have developed Digital Strategy projects and implemented Marketing Automation campaigns for big companies in Brazil.”

Catalina Jiménez

General Director
“The right message to the right person at the right time. Pranalog Marketing Technology and Sentidos Comunicaciones achieved this working together.”

Why are we different

Our solutions are different, because they archive YOUR business challenges.

We know each customer is unique and so are his needs and objectives. This is why we perform a deep analysis of your business, analyzing all the information available to provide our diagnosis. The ultimate goal is to identify those variables that are hindering business growth and suggest a new strategy and action plan that can be executed.

We offer solutions that adapt to your specific need. This may mean creating and designing a new Website with a complete Integrated Marketing solution that includes Marketing Automation campaigns. Sometimes you have an excellent Website but you need to establish Prospect Generation and Breeding solutionsleads have adequate management. Other times it may mean to unify and purify guaranteeing that 100% of the leads have adequate management. Other times it may be improving the companies’ Databases from the company and identifying the performance indicators that allows an understanding of the business potential within the data.

Our clients