Tools to service personalization


Consists in gathering and using customer data and each individual's behaviors and drive every interaction in real time,. By identifying individual customer needs and preferences, Marketers can generate relevant individualised Marketing campaigns. This can only be archived with an adequate business understanding, a unified database and a powerful technological platform.

Data capture
Web Behavioral Tracking
Social Sign In
Progressive Profiling
Dynamic Content

Email Marketing

Email is still a key factor in your Marketing Strategy, however massive email campaigns or email blasts that only convey irrelevant messages are not useful for generating and nourishing unique relationships with your customers. To succeed you must have a more intelligent, effective and personalized approach.

Email Delivery Platform
Transactional Emails
Email Behavioral Tracking
Deliverability & Reputation Management
Automated A/B Testing
Blog Post to Email

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to effectively manage and nurture your prospects, maximizing your available resources and Marketing Budget. Understanding your prospects behavior and qualifying them accordingly enables you to deliver quality leads to your Sales team at the right time. When you automate campaigns you will have access to real-time metrics which will help you manage campaigns to maximize your marketing resources and budget.

Behavioral Triggered Campaigns
CRM Integration
Reporting & Analytics
Lead Scoring
Automated A/B Testing
Blog Post to Email

Multichannel Communication

Your potential customers are using social networks and mobile devices more than ever. We help you integrate Social and Mobile to your Marketing Strategy so you can engage with your customers and prospects in a highly relevant way through the channels they prefer. We customize high-tech Marketing Campaigns, so you can reach out to your customers and prospects are the right time, with the right message.

Social Media Listening
Share to Social
Responsive design
Automated SMS

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a technique that allows us to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to engage your prospects through the best channels. A holistic content motor must cater the needs of the target audience, integrating your communication strategy and delivering a unique consistent message about your brand through each relevant digital channel.

Websites & Landing Pages
Ebooks & Infographics
Social Media Content